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Get The Knowledge at our Topographical Testing Centre

We provide Topographical Skills Assessments that test your ability to read maps and plan routes. Our centre first opened in 2006 and since that time, we have conducted more than 1000 tests. We carry out assessments every Wednesday from 11am until 2pm and book them on an individual basis.


Following legislation in 2006, all drivers of private hire vehicles (PHV) must take and pass this assessment. If you live or work in the Brockley, Dulwich, Sydenham and Catford areas, or anywhere else and wish to drive minicabs and get ‘the knowledge’ - or prove that you already it - come to our centre in nearby Forest Hill!



What Does the Test Involve?


The cost of each test is £40 and includes basic training. 90% of the test is a written exam for which you will be given a London A-Z to use. Please bring any reading aids you may need, such as reading glasses. If you fail the test, we charge another £10 to re-take it. This extra fee includes basic training on the parts of the test that caused you to fail.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the exam starts. As an accredited Topographical Testing Centre, the law requires that we provide you with the following:


  • Professional training and examinations
  • A suitable environment for learning and assessment
  • The acceptable level of topographical skills for your specific needs
  • Personnel with the appropriate skills and qualifications
  • Training materials and resources


We must also provide accreditors with the access they need to review our assessment standards on a regular basis.



What Skills Do I Need to Pass the Test?


You should have good English reading and writing skills and also know the points of the compass (North, South, East and West). You should also know and be able to locate the counties that share borders with London (Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey).


Finally, you must show knowledge of the four motorways that radiate from the M25 (M1, M3, M11, M4) as well knowledge of major airports and locations outside of London such as Gatwick, Newbury, Milton Keynes and Manchester.


If you live in Brockley, Sydenham, Catford or Dulwich and wish to drive minicabs, book a Topographical Skills Assessment by calling 020 8291 1111 now